Why Have Donations?

We think Gallifrey is a useful tool and that part of using open source tooling is to be able to donate something back to the community.

Some people can donate time (either by raising issues, fixing issues or something as small as fixing a spelling error) whilst others can donate financially to help with any running costs associated with the app.

Donations Not Licences

The donation model offered by Gallifrey is not an offer of lifetime support for your single donation.

As a reward/thank you for donating to Gallifrey we will unlock a small set of additional features.

If you would would be interested in a support licence, please email for monthly subscription pricing.

Unlocking Premium

There is a minimum donation required in order to gain access to premium features.

The smallest donation to get premium access is £3.00 (GBP) for a single user access. - This access is non transferable and will be linked to the initial email address the donation comes from

If you are looking to unlock premium for your company or team then a yearly donation of £30.00 (GBP). To discuss this further, please reach out to me by email

This is not a support licence for garenteed support, if you require this please contact by email

All donation links can be found on my personal blog

When donating any amount, please include your installation hash (found at the bottom of the information screen) as your donation message so we can unlock premium for you.

If it is not clear that your donation is for Gallifrey, we will be unable to unlock the premium features for you.

If you forget to include your installation hash, you can still get the premium features by sending a email.