Gallifrey - Assistant to help manage your 'wibbily wobbly timey wimey' for Jira


You can get app support via twitter or via email.

If you would like to chat to someone to get assistance, we have a public slack workspace you can use.

We are using GitHub issues to maintain a backlog and track bugs, so feel free to raise issues there


What do I do with the Windows “Smartscreen” dialog?

Windows SmartScreen messages is something we can do very little about (other than get a whole load more users!) Until that time, please see this page for more information: SmartScreen Help

What do I get with premium?

There are a few features which are limited without premium access, these are currently:

  • Ability To Opt-Out Of Tracking
  • Bulk Export More Than 5 Timers
  • Use More Than 2 Local Timers
  • Start Now/Assign To Me/Change Status On Add

To get premium is easy, simply donate here and include your installation hash as a donation message

Do I need Jira to use Gallifrey

Yes, Gallifrey is a Jira extension you install on your machine.

Without a Jira connection, Gallifrey will not start.

Do I need an active internet connection

Yes, Gallifrey has a background sync, so if your internet connection drops Gallifrey will no longer work as expected.