Assistant to help manage your 'wibbily wobbly timey wimey' for Jira

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Gallifrey will make anyone a Jira time lord!

A simple, light-weight Jira time logging companion to help you travel the Jira universe!

Why Is The App Called Gallifrey

Gallifrey is the home of the time lords in the hit BBC TV show Dr Who….Need i say more? This product is in no way linked/affiliated to Dr Who or the BBC (apart from the name)


Gallifrey uses automatic updates, so once you have installed, updates will be served to you when they are published.

Be aware when installing on Windows 8 the “SmartScreen” feature will flag up this app as a problem, for more information click here

Please note, the Beta is the current work in progress & I cannot guarantee that it is 100% stable!


You can get app support via twitter or via email ([email protected]).

We are using GitHub issues to maintain a backlog and track bugs, so feel free to raise issues there

Atlassian Marketplace

Gallifrey is listed on the Atlassian Marketplace, you can view the listing here.

The app has been approved by Atlassian to get listed here!

User Guide

Our online user guide is avaliable from this site, just click here